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Www worlddatingpartners com - Sex chat nz

We do not maintain our own brands; our business is based around providing the back end, customer database, technical and marketing support to our clients.We make money only when our clients make money and we constantly reinvest our profits into enhancing our systems.

We took over the company less than a year ago and in this time, we have implemented many improvements and changes to the structure of the business.

The platform was launched early in 2005 and is one of the top white label brands in the market today. About Dating Factory: Dating Factory is the newest and fastest growing white label dating platform.

Since its launch in September 2009 it has become “the” brand in the non English speaking market, operating in 11 languages as well as one of the top white label platforms in the English speaking markets worldwide.

The next step was to upgrade the software to deliver a more up-to-date service for our members and better conversions to our partners.

We had to make a decision either to go into a protracted development cycle ourselves with all the cost and time to market implications that implies or outsource to an existing provider.

Existing partners will have the choice which platform they use to ensure that there will be no negative effect on their existing revenues, conversions and website rankings.

Our experienced technical staff will work in close cooperation with World Dating Partners staff to give the partners the opportunity to generate the most value from the enhanced technology.

This is a two-tier program paying 10% on the second tier.

World Dating Partners – leading dating affiliate program World Dating Partners is the fastest growing co-operative of online-dating sites in the world.

Since launching in September 2009 we have primarily focused on the high performing non English speaking European markets, in 10 short months we have become “the” leading white label dating provider in these markets.

However, some recent acquisitions as well as the integration of the WDP data base will allow us to offer real choice in the English speaking market to those partners and affiliates looking to generate traffic in those countries.

It also adds substantially to our database in our current core markets.

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