Virgo men and dating

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Virgo men and dating

A common fault of Virgo men is to be highly critical when perfection is not found.This usually applies doubly to himself and his own performance, which can sometimes lead to reduced self confidence.

Being as analytical as they are, they're likely to be sure of their feelings for you because they have thought out every possible scenario in their head 10 times over, and their decisions are well thought out. Yet, they are introverted, so they're typically even smarter than you would think.He is always open to adventures and new ideas, due to the ambition that he naturally carries.Morals are big to him, and he will not do something that goes against what he believes, no matter the circumstance.This level of self imposed modesty can be particularly endearing.Virgos are often portrayed poorly in this area, directly or indirectly considered the least sexual of all the signs.Analytical, discriminating, precise, considerate and reliable, he is likely to enjoy work of a technical or analytical nature, quite possibly working behind the scenes to ensure the efficiency of an organization, rather than taking center stage or seeking direct recognition for his achievements.

On the negative side, he can sometimes be seen as picky, aloof, sarcastic, pessimistic or whiny.

If you're looking for a man who will light a candle to ease your stress or anxiety, look no further.

He is the one who will listen to you when you've had a bad day and reassure you that everything will be OK.

If you score with a Virgo — you may want to hold onto that.

Drama and immaturity are what drive him away the quickest.

They know how to take care of the people that they care about, and they make that a priority.

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