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Row Updating Try Dim txt Name, txt Name1, txt Name2, txtname3 As New Text Box Dim row As Grid View Row = Grid View1. Find Control("txt Name1"), Text Box) txt Name2 = CType(row.

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The Row Updating event will be trigged before the data-source control’s Update Command is executed, so the Row Updateing event is a good place to change the value of the data-source parameters that will be passed to the data-source’s Update Command. File Name Else 'In this section I've tried code like e.newvalue = e.oldvalue but I get Nothing for the old value. We put the old File label property visible="false", so our edit Template looks nice and clean. Save As(path) End If End Sub Hi try this example: To add a File Upload control to your Grid View, you first need to add an Item Template Field.When you have the instance of the Gird View’s row, you can use the Find Control method to locate the File Upload control. Find Control("new File"), File Upload) Dim old File As label = CType(Noticias. But as I noted in the comments in that method, some collections that should contain the columns (names, old values and new values) are always empty. And the Row Updated method is never even touched!!! NET Forums that I need to use a Data Source control.For example a Sql Data Source, which is automatically added to your Web Form if you drag-n-drop your way around Visual Studio 2005.The problem is, I’d very much like to do so, if ASP. But I can’t set a Data Source property or anything on the Sql Data Source!!! I probably have to read the cells on the Grid View of the selected row, find the controls, get the values from those and insert those into my Data Set.

Which means I won’t make my 70% code reduction Microsoft has always promised me. The fact that it is inside Edit Item Template means you are editing so the most likely place is at Row Updating which is the final destination before the grid commits the changes to the database. To get the instance of the control you can hook up to the Grid View’s Row Updating event. Before you can use the Save As method you need to get the instance of the File Upload control for the row you are editing. Find Control("File Upload File Attachment"), File Upload) If f File Attachment. To create a parameter that will be used by your Update Command, you can add the parameter to the data-source’s Update Parameters collection. Default Value = old End If End Sub Hope this helps... To pass the filename that is uploaded by the File Upload control to your data-source control’s Update Command, you need to create a parameter for the filename. To String) End Try End Sub If txt Name Is Not Nothing Then 'txt Name was successfully not nothing 'you can use it without experiencing a Null Reference Exception Else 'something went wrong and txt Name does not exist End If Are you sure that the IDs of the Text Boxes are correct?

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