Updating is not supported by datasource detailsview

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Updating is not supported by datasource detailsview

Furthermore, a couple of the 35 tutorials will utilize certain database-level features that aren't supported by Access.Alternatively, you may connect to a Northwind database installed on a database server.

The web application was built using Visual Studio 2005 Professional Edition as a file system-based Web site project.

MDF in the Server Explorer, which you can expand and explore its tables, views, stored procedure, and so on (see Figure 2).

The App_Data folder can also hold Microsoft Access files, which, like their SQL Server counterparts, are automatically added to the Server Explorer.

Figure 2: Add a Connection to Your Database Server's Northwind Database When working with data one option is to embed the data-specific logic directly into the presentation layer (in a web application, the ASP. The recommended approach, however, is to separate the data access logic from the presentation layer.

This separate layer is referred to as the Data Access Layer, DAL for short, and is typically implemented as a separate Class Library project.

However, all of the tutorials will work equally well with the free version of Visual Studio 2005, Visual Web Developer.

In this tutorial we'll start from the very beginning and create the Data Access Layer (DAL), followed by creating the Business Logic Layer (BLL) in the second tutorial, and working on page layout and navigation in the third.Once you have successfully configured the database connection information and clicked the OK button, the database will be added as a node underneath the Data Connections node. NET page's code portion or using the Sql Data Source control from the markup portion.You can expand the database node to explore its tables, views, stored procedures, and so on. In either case, this approach tightly couples the data access logic with the presentation layer.In addition to the database file, the App_Data folder also contains the SQL scripts for creating the database, in case you want to use a different database version.These scripts can be also be downloaded directly from Microsoft, if you'd prefer.If you don't want to use any of the SQL Server options, you can always download a Microsoft Access version of the Northwind database file and drop into the App_Data directory.