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The referendum will be staged to ask the question if the voters would like to change the form of government from the strong mayor form to the council form.One of the council members who is a proponent of the change, Vicki Morgan, said: WBCU News received an email for the Union County Carnegie Library, stating that the library would be closed for the immediate future.

She stated that after the two beat her up, they left with her clothes, phone, and phone charger.

Union County Council is meeting tonight at in the Grand Jury room at the Union County Courthouse.

The council will hear from Brigitte Toni Ware concerning transportation service issues.

She then stated that after the fight was over, she helped the victim into the shower and helped wash her off, and the victim told her that she was ok and was not hurt.

She stated that she and Robinson left and went to Chester, and when they got there, she noticed that they had the victims stuff and was bringing it back.

Under that form, the mayor would, in effect, be stripped of his authority to make certain decisions, which would be left up to the full council.

WBCU News will report the results of the referendum as soon after the polls close as possible.

At the jail, Robinson was searched, and a blue mint container with a blue pill in it was found in his pocket.

When asked what the blue pill was, he stated that it was a synthetic opioid.

She said she was not sure where they went or what kind of vehicle they were in. Deputies went to Room 229 at the inn to photograph the scene.

In the room, the deputies found evidence that an assault had taken place.

When deputies asked them what happened, Pruitt stated that she and the victim got into a fight, and then they left.

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