Stop java from updating

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I navigated to HKLM\Software\Javasoft\Java Update\Policy and I changed "Enable Java Update" from 1 to 0.After doing this the "Update" tab is no longer visible which is great.That's what I want to happen but for whatever reason when I open up Java and view the versions the "Enabled" checkbox is not checked and it will not allow me to enable it.Can someone PLEASE tell me how I can completely disable Java Updates? So I need to do the following: Block it from updating automatically Block it from Asking the user to update This applies to Java 6 Update 41 x86 and x64 and Java 7 x86 and x64 I have also looked in the Java console and see no options to disable it. Most of our administrative departments run an older software that wants an older version of Java, If the user is prompted or it auto updates, they unaware click on it and then the application is broken.When I go to the Java website to verify what version of Java I have installed it says it's not installed but under "programs and features" it shows as being installed.

I'm not sure why the "Enabled" checkbox is not selected.

For as much as I would like to eliminate the install base of Java it’s sum what of a necessary evil because lots of applications still rely on it.

Because of this most domain PC’s may have this installed and because of Java’s default programming it will prompt the user that an update is available and ultimately fail if the user does not have admin rights.

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Security Centre and under Manage Security Settings click Automatic Updates and select ‘Notify but don’t automatically download…’.

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