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However, the televised version of the ‘Laundrette’ advert showed women as the active viewers in the scene [Fig 3b], not exclusively homosexual men, suggesting less acceptability of such areas of human sexuality than is apparent in more straightforwardly subversive adverts of today, such as the previously explored FCUK advert.

the voyeuristic process.”[2] One may also identify with the voyeuristic gaze of the camera, which may intrude on habitually ‘private’ moments –for example, Alfred Hitchcock’s 1954 film “The Rear Window” contains intrusive shots into the windows of the protagonist’s neighbours so that the viewer may see what he is looking at out of his window –as he spies on the intimate moments of his fellow man, the audience may do the same by adopting the camera’s ‘gaze’ as their own, and so become secondary voyeurs.They are not encouraged to buy the clothing advertised on attraction to the model, but because of a desire to the woman in the advertisement.This brings us into another area of scopophilia: ‘narcissistic scopophilia’.Take, for example, the ‘Fashion versus Style’ advertising campaign[6] launched by French Connection UK.The basic plot of the advert was a fight between two girls [Fig 2a] clad in FCUK’s latest clothing line.It is widely noted that since the 1980s there has been an increasing display and sexualisation of the male body in mainstream cinema and television and in advertising (Moore 1987, Evans & Gamman 1995, Mort 1996, Edwards 1997).”[8] The homosexual gaze has been addressed more intensively as gay culture has made its way further into the mainstream.

As can be ascertained from the FCUK advert, lesbianism, for example, is now an accepted idea which can be shown nationally and during peak viewing hours rather than ‘post-watershed’.“The emergence on the gay scene of rockabillies coincided with a general interest in the 1950s.Interest in James Dean and Marlon Brando as icons grew, and advertising nodded a nostalgic head towards the fifties, with adverts such as the Launderette [Fig 3a] and Bath advertisements for Levi’s jeans.”[9] These adverts were part of campaigns in 1985, showing a clear admission of the homosexual gaze.The first of which is ‘voyeuristic scopophilia’ –the pleasure one gets from looking at others, which is highlighted in modern culture by the cinema, as we “in the darkness of the cinema auditorium …may look without being seen either by those on screen by other members of the audience.The FCUK advert is only one of many examples of the male gaze through voyeuristic scopophilia, though it may be seen as an extreme.

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