Simple sex chatbot

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We’re excited to see what new creative applications come in the next year.

Unlike with big data, where you could buy a new capability, machine intelligence depends on deeper organizational and process changes.And it is much easier to have a self-driving car agent go a trillion miles in a simulated environment than on actual roads.Now we’re seeing the techniques used to conquer the gaming world moving to the real world.We’ve written a bit about this, and the framework we use to think about how agents will evolve is a CEO and her support staff.Many Fortune 500 CEOs employ a scheduler, handler, a research team, a copy editor, a speechwriter, a personal shopper, a driver, and a professional coach.We certainly believe there will not be one agent to rule them all, even if there is one interface to rule them all.

For the time being, bots will be idiot savants: stellar for very specific applications.

It’s hard to do, but once machine intelligence is enabled, an organization sees everything through the lens of its potential.

Organizations like Google, Facebook, Apple, Microsoft, Amazon, Uber, and Bloomberg (our sole investor) bet heavily on machine intelligence and have its capabilities pervasive throughout all of their products.

Other companies are struggling to figure out what to do, as many boardrooms did on “what to do about the Internet” in 1997.

Why is this so difficult for companies to wrap their heads around?

This year’s landscape has a third more companies than our first one did two years ago, and it feels even more futile to try to be comprehensive, since this just scratches the surface of all of the activity out there.