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Die Entwicklung und Pruefung von neuen Produkten gemaeß den Kundenanforderungen gehoert zu unserem taeglichen Geschaeft. Voelkl Gmb H Einzelteile und Komponenten an Kunden aus der Industrie aber auch an Kleinkunden.Als oesterreichischer Anbieter stehen wir fuer Qualitaet, Liefertreue und Zuverlaessigkeit, sowie Flexibilitaet.

Sexually explicit content classified as “X18 ” by the Australian Classification Board is disallowed.

A page using the Personal Identification Procedure (PIP), as defined and required by law to verify that users are at least 18 years of age, is required before images of penetration or genitalia are available.

Advertising for R18 rated adult DVDs is not allowed.

Microsoft classifies advertising as adult content if the target website features sexually explicit content, including, but not limited to: For all advertisers, including participants in the Adult Advertising Program, advertising may not include keyword variations, ads or websites that relate in any way to illegal, non-consensual, denigrating, obscene or violent activity, including bestiality, brutality, torture, death, illegal drug use, cruelty, prostitution, pedophilia, rape, incest, extreme or shocking sex, child pornography, strippers/strip clubs, escorts or content that relates to persons who are, or are suggested to be, under the legal age permitted in applicable jurisdictions.

Advertisers must apply to participate in the Adult Advertising Program, and ensure compliance with applicable regulations and Microsoft policies.

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Only approved advertisers may participate in the Adult Advertising Program.The whole scene was captured on the family’s home surveillance camera.Katie Hawley came home to find her kitchen and living room trashed.Adult content in New Zealand must comply with applicable classification regulations.Adult content classified as “restricted” must be promoted in accordance with the classification requirements assigned to the advertisement, including age-restrictions.Content classified as “objectionable” must not be promoted.