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Rules of dating movie synopsis - dating christian schools

During the confusion, the bloody stranger runs off into the house.Zoey takes Henry back to her room quickly and watches him die.

James takes one final shot and fatally wounds Henry.Meanwhile, James sets off in search of the stranger and his daughter, ordering Charlie and Mary to wait in the lounge.A group of masked criminals, led by a sadistic man in a suit known as Polite Leader approach the house looking for the stranger.In the year 2017, the Unites States has become "a nation reborn" thanks to the New Founding Fathers of America.Crime and unemployment rates are hitting an all-time low due to the government having instituted an annual 12-hour period called The Purge during which all criminal activity (including murder, theft, and rape) becomes legal.James Sandin is a wealthy home security salesman who lives in an affluent neighborhood in the suburbs of Los Angeles, California.

James has made a fortune off of selling security systems, comprising of security cameras and metallic "butts," that are specifically designed for the Purge. Grace Ferrin, tells Mary that the neighbors have been gossiping that the extension on the Sandins house was financed by the security systems which her husband had sold them.Charlie uses his little robotic video doll, which he made for a homework assignment, to spy on the family from his secret hiding place in his closet.Zoey goes to her bedroom only to find Henry waiting for her.He figured that he couldn't be thrown out during the Purge. M., an emergency broadcast system message comes online warning the United States that the Purge is about to begin and that all police, fire, and emergency medical services will be shut down for the 12-hour period.Sirens begin to blare outside, signaling the start of the Purge.Charlie deactivates the security system and lets him in.

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