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She sold self-produced CDs at her performances during this period: (2001) and Songs (2002).

Now before we get to the songwriting and themes, where I'll probably have the most to unpack, let's talk about Regina Spektor herself.So here's the unfortunate truth of being a critic and a human being: like it or not, sometimes it's not just the art that overrules your critical faculties, but circumstances and memories that are linked to that art.It might not just be the sound or a particular turn of phrase that sparks an emotion, it's the memories and people associated with that sound or lyric that renders fragile objectivity all the more precarious.His last album was a blend of pop songs and his Concerto for Piano and Orchestra that soared to #1 on both the Billboard classical and classical crossover charts.For over a decade he’s performed with some of the world’s greatest symphony orchestras, and in 2017 was named as the first ever Artistic Advisor to the National Symphony Orchestra at the Kennedy Center.And look, as much as I've found her quirkier side tiresome in the past, it's because it has seemed to detract from the fact that she's a great singer and performer when she does embrace more sincere, straightforward songs.

Naturally expressive and thoughtful, she's always been clever but here it feels channeled through a more mature mode of delivery, minus some of the wonky vocal improvisations that some love but has always been a quirk that felt vestigial at best.An outspoken champion for arts education and music therapy funding in our nation's public schools, in 2016 Ben held the distinction as the only artist to appear at both national political conventions advocating for arts education, and has served for over five years as an active member of the distinguished Artist Committee of Americans For The Arts.Father is a violinist and mother is a music teacher.Folds continues to perform with symphonies and also recently returned to solo touring around the globe reminiscent of his earliest years, delivering a high energy rock performance using the intimacy of just a piano.He is also no stranger to television, having been featured for five seasons as a judge on NBC's critically-acclaimed a capella show "The Sing Off." He continues to appear in cameo roles on cable and network TV shows from "Billions," to "You're The Worst" and "Community," and recently composed the soundtrack for the Netflix show “Handsome.” An avid photographer, Folds is a member of the prestigious Sony Artisans of Imagery, completed an assignment in 2017 as a photo editor for National Geographic, and was recently featured in a mini-documentary by the Kennedy Center's Digital Project on his photographic work.but yeah, they're right in this case, because this is easily the most serious and grounded that she's been in years.

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