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Web MD: What was the experience of serving in Iraq and Afghanistan like for you? Afghanistan was the most intense deployment because we did the most ground operations in very remote areas. It was more like this impending sense of doom all the time. I think that was probably the greatest cause of my PTSD — being 23 years old and feeling like I was going to die. Combs: What affected me most wasn’t the combat itself, but the feeling when I realized what we were doing, and how devastating it was going to be to the people who lived in those countries. As an introspective person, I always have to ask myself if it was worth it. I had been able to suppress a lot of my anger, but once I had my son and I was put into this domestic situation, all of my symptoms became glaring.During one mission, we were ambushed and we lost a really good squad leader. We were out on the streets where there were always hundreds of people around us and cars buzzing past. In south Baghdad, where I was operating, people were living in trash heaps or blown-out homes where they had a plastic bag as their door. The breaking point came when my son was six months old.

By Stephanie Watson Web MD Health News In 2004, at age 19, Garrett Combs enlisted in the Army, compelled by patriotism to serve after the 9/11 terrorist attacks. The year after I got out of the military was a really dark time. I didn’t meet my girlfriend (now my wife) until 2012.Warrant Officer Nathan Hunt, 39, was found dead at his home in Lincoln at the beginning of this month.His parents Derek and Maria want their son's death to help end the stigma of post-traumatic stress disorder suffered by returning soldiers.Major Hasan had issues with his patients at Walter Reed--exactly what those are nobody is saying, but he was apparently not well liked. The Army sent combat veterans to a psychiatrist who sympathizes with our enemies.It makes me wonder how much psychological damage he did to his patients. This week, al-Awlaki posted an entry on his blog entitled, "Nidal Hasan Did the Right Thing." Major Hasan's radical views had come to the attention of the military authorities, and he himself made no attempt to hide his anti-war views.Mr Hunt, a member of the Royal Engineers, was awarded a Mention in Dispatches for his courage in locating improvised explosive devices while on secret missions to ambush the enemy.

But he was later diagnosed with mental health issues linked to combat stress.An inquest heard police forced entry to the property on the morning of January 2 after concerns were raised for WO Hunt's safety.Paul Smith, the Area Coroner for Lincolnshire, said: 'The information I have in relation to this death is fairly limited at present.'I am told in a statement from PC Nathan Addlesee that on that date police officers attended the address as a consequence of concerns for the occupant.'The officer states that at 9.50am as a consequence of the door being secured by a chain that the officers forced entry.'He said a man thought to be Nathan Hunt was found hanging.The hypervigilance (an increased state of awareness) won’t go away, but the self-destructive behavior is gone.A soldier who served alongside Prince Harry in Afghanistan is thought to have hanged himself after suffering the effects of PTSD, an inquest heard.Web MD: How did you get involved with the Save A Warrior program? One of my really good friends from the Army had just died from a heroin overdose two weeks before. I wrote to my friend on Facebook, “I need you to call me right now, because I might do something.” As soon as I hit send, my phone rang. Somebody is going to call you right now.” I spoke to a woman with Save A Warrior that night, and then Jake Clark [the program's founder] called me the next day. Combs: What helped me most was that it gave me something I could put my finger on.