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Pigeon john is dating your sister torrent - teen dating violence help

Hung naturally from her chest, her spectacular young breasts are the shape of large, super-soft liquid-filled footballs with silky pink aureole and thick, pointy nipples..As cheerleader and homecoming princess during her sophomore year in high school in Indiana, Cindy is disqualified from the squad when her bitch of a coach convinces the vice principal that her huge breast size is a distraction to the team and fans.

Open to new sex thrills, Cindy vows to satisfy Crowbar with whatever perverted sex and bondage games he and biker club want.

There, she meets Larry, a rich young playboy jock who is infatuated with Cindy's enormous young breasts.

He encourages Cindy to dress like a prick teaser, encouraging her wear highly revealing outfits that show off her incredible young body.

With a gorgeous young face, high cheek bones, deep blue eyes and baby soft skin, Cindy has an angelic quality.

At 5' X 7" she has a slender 24" waist and stands tall - wearing high heels wherever she goes.

She loved the way the shoes accentuated her pretty feet and matched her red painted toenails. She was a biker chick now and that meant super "sexy" outfits all the time. "I WANT YOUR FRIENDS T0 SEE WHAT GREAT TASTE YOU' VE GOT! "SHOW YOUR TITS" read a sign held by a bearded biker as they pulled into the dumpy little park where the parking lot was filled with bikes and bikers. "STICK AROUND AND SEE FOR YOURSELF" Crowbar challenged him. " The contest began and almost two dozen chicks lined up to strut their stuff for the several hundred bikers who were hooting and a hollering as the first girl began dancing.

She felt "exposed" in these sexy shoes and she loved that feeling. Bras were for sissies and prudes so she had to go braless. Cindy gleamed as she turned and posed with her lips pouting and her heavy heaving chest jiggling bralessly. Cindy got really excited thinking about showing off her mega-tits to all these appreciative bikers. With a snap of a button, she popped open her vest and let her pretty boobs hang free in the open air for everyone to see. Behind the wooden stage, Cindy began drinking beer and smoking pot with the other biker chicks who where cutting up their T-shirts and getting themselves lubed up for the big contest. She was tall and thin, with great legs but not much up top.

The stimulating sensation of letting her boobs bounce and bop without restraint or support turns her on and Cindy finds that she craves exposing herself having men and boys constantly ogling her as she struts her stuff in public.

Her new boyfriend Larry begins to feel out-of-control as Cindy exploits her sexy body with shorter skirts and sexy tops that openly reveal her ample bosom.

As new-born patron of the primitive arts, Pinkie submits her beautiful body to genital piercing and erotic tattooing, leaving indelible proof of her commitment her rebellious biker gang and a lifestyle of hard bondage and pornography.

To prove her resolve, Pinkie sacrifices herself in a series of bizarre and erotic competitions where large-breasted biker babes are pitted against one another to see who can endure the most pain and punishment to their big tits and young bodies.

Beyond brutal and cruel, the bikers stop at nothing to torture the girls, bruising and branding their young flesh and mutilating their breasts - all for their perverted entertainment.

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