Online dating correspondence etiquette

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“We had a bad run with hiring young people back in 2014,” the event and training company director recalled.“There was one who never showed up (on the first day), one who started but switched off after a few months …

“There’s been a very steep decline in interpersonal skills and it means that regardless of their school results, young people are going to struggle to get a job,” educator Michaela Launerts said.

That’s so frightening to me.” It’s not just educators who are worried about how woefully unprepared so many young adults are for life.

They’re more likely to have a college degree than any other generation, and they can code software and create magic in a digital environment.

the more we spoke to other employers, the more we realized it wasn’t just us.” Launerts said millennials have grown up in online worlds where they make their own rules and don’t learn the social conventions that are still expected of them.

“I think it’s because of the time they’re spending online, which promotes an inward-facing attitude,” Launerts said.

But Rachel Weinstein, a clinical psychologist who founded The Adulting School in the US, said these highly skilled candidates often crash and burn in interviews with prospective employers.

“Many lack skills like creating a resume, interviewing and (engaging in) professional correspondence,” Weinstein told CNS News.These sorts of strengths are called “soft skills” — critical thinking, problem solving, attention to detail, working in a group, and verbal and written communication.These things might sound basic, but they’re often missing in most young adults, Lisa Renneisen, co-founder of the Generation YOU training conference, said.Eye contact, not interrupting, a proper handshake, social engagement — they struggle with what older generations consider basic niceties.“Body language and creating a good first impression shape how someone sees you.“It’s everything from picking up the phone to having an awkward or confrontational conversation with someone to working with large teams and managing others.” This lack of interpersonal skills results in often awkward encounters, university professor Elwood Watson noted in an essay for “Diverse Education.” “They engage in behavior that previous generations would consider weird or outright rude, Watson, an academic at East Tennessee State University, wrote.

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