Journal articles on online dating

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We will continue loving each other and wishing each other great happiness and joy in our separate futures. A beautiful friendship has been born, and the universe knew exactly what it would take for that to happen.

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There are tender and delicate strings woven between us and because we chose to fully discuss everything that happened and what did and did not work for us, we are in a strong place.

The exponential rise of communications technologies, which is both reflective and constitutive of an increasingly networked and globalized society, has the potential to significantly influence the nature of intimacy in everyday life.

Yet, to date, there has been a minimal response by sociologists to seek, describe and understand this influence.

See, that’s the thing about love—it’s not conditional.

We won’t stop loving each other because things didn’t work out the way we may have hoped.

I didn’t expect that pain would be one of the things that these future days held.

It turns out that he didn’t feel that chemistry that he was hoping for.

It’s hard to completely understand what he didn’t feel because chemistry is a word of great perception. So, how is it that I could feel a little bit of a heartbreak after one day together in person?

To me, not wanting to leave his arms and being caught up in the blissful comforting love that surrounded us was chemistry. I am not one of attachment generally and I am usually the one on the other side of this equation—trying to figure out how to let the person know that it’s just not in the cards. Once I worked through the sadness and began to think about it—I realized that I was just in a different deck.

We were already tangled into each other’s webs and sharing feelings with one another. As it turns out, in the arms of one another on day zero we did in fact feel love. There was an unspoken comfort and ease between us as our hands and lips were locked through the night.

It seemed like fate, I mean—look how we found each other. My drive home away from the day was bittersweet as I replayed some of the moments in my memory and tried to not allow myself to be caught up in the bliss of wondering what the days to follow would hold.

We had been counting it down for the five days prior, using numerology and adorable things to generate excitement about our day together. So, the story unfolded that there was real, true love between us.

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