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When the Teen Titans drove back to drench them with water for "robbing the station", Jinx watched, not amused, as they drove off.

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Then, she was teleported out of her cell by Raven after she was enticed by Starfire's puppy dog eyes. Escaping from prison once more, Jinx and the rest of the H. She smiled whenever Cyborg was nearby and was visibly upset when he was electrocuted by her escort. Five on their first attack in the series, robbing a bank. In "The HIVE Five", Starfire and Jinx battle for the cat's love, with Starfire taking the victory. in the series takes place, and the Titans defeat the H. In "Yearbook Madness", Starfire and Raven make a Yearbook Club called "Girls In Eye Patches With Hook Hands", while Jinx is included with them. Tower as he attempted to whistle a warning to the Titans inside. successfully kidnapped the other Titans and prepared to use a laser to destroy them. Jinx worked with Terra to save all the male Titans from The Brain. The first serious battle between the Titans and the H. Starfire flies off with the cat in her arms, leaving Jinx alone angry on the sidewalk. She frequently leads her teammates to attacks in Jump City. Five attempted to rob the Jump City Bank only to be attacked once more by the Teen Titans. However, the Titans instead exited the vehicle, overcoming the team's shock. After he revealed that he knows everything about her, Jinx remarked it was creepy in a romantic way and the two shared their first electrifying kiss. She lamented over never seeing Cyborg again, but Gizmo reminded her that she'll see him when they're trying to destroy the Titans much to her despair. Eventually, their argument led to their break-up and the teams ended the battle and left the scene. in eating a homemade pizza and later witnessed Mammoth suffering another beating by Stone.

In "Girl's Night Out", Starfire decides to break Jinx out of her prison cell, planning to use Jinx's criminal side to make the night more "crazy", however, Starfire warns Jinx that if she made one wrong move, she will obliterate her. She and her teammates were confused when Cyborg, Beast Boy, Raven, and Starfire wielded ordinary objects instead of using their superpowers. Jinx fought against a Batgirl-costumed Starfire, and managed to send her spiraling after Batgirl's cape covered Starfire's eyes. Gizmo repented and gave her his blessing, but she remarked that it'll never work unless they switch allegiance to good. Jinx and Cyborg stood in silence until Jinx asks if this was goodbye. Once Ravine, Sapphire, and Beast Bob beat up Mammoth once more, she tearfully cried for his injuries. However, the rides were found boring by the females and Jinx offered to make the night more exciting if Starfire blasted her handcuffs away. Five entered the dodge-ball tournament with her, Gizmo, and Mammoth on the starting line. Raven intervened, stating they wouldn't let her out in a million years as Starfire complied with Jinx's wish, but reminded the villainess about her threat to obliterate her. The trio easily defeated the male Titans who were competing against them. Five terrorized Gotham City and was frightened once the Batmobile appeared, thinking Batman himself was arriving to combat them. Robin later used Batman's equipment to capture Jinx and the rest of the H. However, she discovered blueberry pie and tasted it with caution before asking how Cyborg knew the dessert was her favorite. Jinx cried as she looked at the balloon while Gizmo attempted to snap her out of her depression. Jinx, however, remarked that they must also be crime-fighters. The two begin to argue as Jinx complained about Robin's intrusion and that he smelt like celery. Five attempted to use the Ultimate Batarang to destroy the captured Titans, but were shocked to discover it wasn't a weapon. Badly bruised as the result of the multiple kicks, Jinx grabbed Raven's legs to contain them, but was confused when another appeared to defeat her. She confronted him about tracking her which he admitted to and revealed a gift, shooting a device which the villainess presumed to be a bomb. Gizmo escorted Jinx away as she stared longingly at Cyborg before sinking into despair. Jinx confronted Cyborg who revealed that he had the Titans switch allegiance. prepared to launch into space, Jinx informed Gizmo that they've had enough of their new recruits' messy habits, causing Gizmo to resolve to blow up the H. Jinx shouted that there were free kittens in the parking lot, causing the people to run off. Five stole money from the Jump City Bank until Robin, Beast Boy, and Cyborg asked for a rematch.

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