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Cuckold by the Dogs By: Lisa Pavageau Ted was certain his wife was having an affair behind his back, but he couldn't prove it. His young and beautiful wife hadn't given him any obvious reasons to be suspicious, but there were a number of little things that just didn't seem to add up.

It was as if the man had no libido at all and it had driven her a little crazy at first, especially since she had absolutely no desire to cheat on her husband with another man. Her hips lifted and rocked against the tongue that was digging between the plump excited folds of her sex. He continued lapping eagerly at Elizabeth's sweet tasting juices while his erstwhile twin, Achilles, sat next to the bed watching and waiting patiently for his turn.Only the base and the tip were different, more narrow than a man's, and the head was sloped, pointed even, but Elizabeth loved the shape, and the taste. He was halfway down the stairs when he heard the bedroom door slam. He figured as much, it hadn't been much of a threat anyway. They were married, after all, and calling the cops was sure to make the papers. But Elizabeth had her own thoughts on the subject and a few minutes on the telephone put her mind at ease. " He slammed his phone down and didn't bother looking up as Ruth put the envelope quietly on the corner of his big mahogany desk. I'm leaning towards the Times, they have such a nice Lifestyles section on the weekends. "He won't hurt you, darling." Liz was moving a few feet away, spreading her towel on the deck and spreading her long tanned legs invitingly. " She sighed, forgetting all about her husband for a moment while Ajax tried his best to make her cum all over his long rough tongue.She'd given head to her boyfriends when she was younger and dating, but had never enjoyed it, finding the idea vaguely repulsive. " "I mean by the time my lawyer is done with you, you'll be sleeping on a fucking park bench." Ted chuckled at the thought. He'd talk to his lawyer, the only person in the world he could talk to about this bizarre situation. She spent the rest of the night curled up happily between her two dogs, dreaming of the way things were going to be. Ted waited until she was gone before he opened it, wondering what this was all about. A picture of Elizabeth on her hands and knees with one of her Dobermans behind her, obviously fucking the woman. --------------------------------------------------- Dearest Ted, I thought you'd like to see my grounds for divorce. Love, Liz PS - A very nice man from Animal Control came by this morning. He was quite impressed with Ajax and Achilles, I think. This might be some kind of sick game to you, but..." "Achilles! " Elizabeth said, not really that loudly either, and a second later the dog was on his feet, seemingly mere inches from Ted's frightened face, growling with certain menace. She called Ajax over and the dog immediately began licking her sex eagerly while Ted stared at them. Ted stayed very still, all that afternoon and for many, many more in the years that followed.Ted knew his sex drive wasn't anything to brag about, he was more than content with making love once or even twice in a good week, but he could just as easily go without it too.Elizabeth was the one who always initiated their sex, and lately she'd been doing that less and less.She had her hands on the dog's sides, stroking him and using his strength to help move her head up and down, pulling at him and lifting her shoulders as she felt his cockhead tickle the entrance to her throat.

The dogs were equally well endowed with good 6" cocks that were thickest in the middle, as big around as her husband's penis easily, and just as long to boot. He might have to give Elizabeth a little something, but not much. She wouldn't want the world to know she'd been fucking her dogs any more than he did, Ted was certain of that.Ted wished he could have discussed these problems with someone, but the word would have gotten around the office like a wildfire.Ted had married a slut, a two-timing whore, they'd whisper and then the old man would have heard about it, the president of the bank, and that would have been the end of Ted's rising star. what business did he have giving advice to people about their own families?Tall, blonde and blue eyed, with large full breasts, a narrow waist and deftly rounded hips, she did indeed make the perfect trophy wife for a middle-aged businessman climbing the social ladder.He loved Liz, in his own fashion, and his jealousy was acute when he noticed other men admiring his gorgeous wife, going out of their way just to be near her.Ted suspected it was because she had hickeys or love bites, small reminders from her lover's lips. If he were to force the issue and create a scene, and then find out he'd been mistaken, that could be almost as embarrassing as finding out he was right. Ted finished his third martini, having considered all this while his friends talked office politics, and then rose, dropping some money on the bar.