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According to this analysis, sex is essentially a female resource.In other words, female sexual activity is much in demand and has high social value, in contrast to male activity, which is plentiful and easy to come by and therefore worthless.

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Baumeister’s analysis of the sexual marketplace, then, assumes that sex is not just a private matter but a part of the socio-economic system, just as buying a house is not just a private act but part of a system.According to this analysis, the concepts of ‘free love' will be adopted by men more vigorously than by women.Women on the other hand will mobilize more vigorously to fight against pornography and prostitution because these institutions allow man easy accessibility to female sex and thus reduce the value of the property.In addition, says Baumeister, the sexual motivation gap between men and women puts men at a disadvantage in sex negotiations.Scientific evidence suggests that male sexual motivation in general is higher than female motivation.In general, it pays for women to operate as a cartel and cooperate to ensure a high price for sex, just as OPEC ensures high oil prices by controlling coordinated supply.

The theory therefore predicts that the effort to neutralize and shame sexually permissive women will come mainly from other women, not men, because permissive women allow men easy access to the resource and thus lower its market value.

In such a society we can expect the emergence of more permissive norms for women.

A case in point is the current American university, where women are the majority, men are few, and casual sex, no strings (or rings) attached, has become normative.

The female’s investment in a sexual act and the risk she is taking are in contrast very high (the risk of death from complications of pregnancy or childbirth), her pleasure is not guaranteed, and having sex with multiple men does not increase her chances of getting more offspring.

Therefore, sex for men is a no-risk/high-profit investment. Thus, the supply of female interest in sex is reduced, and since male demand is high, the price rises.

Men, as a rule, lead all measures of sexual interest such fantasies about sex, consumption of pornography and prostitution, masturbation, etc.

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