Dla backdating rules

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He died on 2 September, three weeks before his new higher rate of benefit was due to kick in.Mayou said that B was also so ill that she was unlikely to see payment of the new higher rates, thanks to the backdating rules.

Under the new personal independence payment (PIP) rules, existing disability living allowance (DLA) claimants have to apply for PIP if their circumstances change.

She said the situation was "grossly unfair", although she accepted that those who end up on lower benefits when transferred from DLA to PIP do not have to pay back any extra money they receive through DLA while awaiting a decision.

She added: "This is another example of how PIP does not serve disabled people well.

He has now been awarded the enhanced daily living and mobility components of PIP, seven months after notifying DWP of his new circumstances.

Because of the rules, he will miss out on backdated benefits worth £3,038.48.

Existing tax credit claimants are expected to be moved across to universal credit between 20.

You can find out more about this in our universal credit section.

But because of the huge delays and backlogs in the PIP system, many disabled people are having to wait months before a decision is made on their PIP claim.

Under DLA, if a claimant reported a change of circumstance to the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP), any subsequent increase in their benefits would be backdated to the date when DWP was notified.

"Little thought has been given to those whose conditions deteriorate – this will be many given the nature of a whole variety of impairments covered by the benefit.

"Essentially, individuals are being denied much needed money at a time when their living costs have increased due to disability and, despite being assessed as requiring the assistance, they are not receiving the help until months down the line – and in some instances after it’s too late.

A third client, C, currently receiving DLA higher rate mobility and lower rate care, told DWP on 29 July that he was now terminally-ill, a change that had been confirmed by his GP on 20 July.