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It’s true, too, that in some strange effort of restoration of eternal truths, the was banned from catechisms at least in France around 2000 after over one thousand years of quarrel. It really seems as if computers and hamburgers were light years away from such a questioning and that it is almost like jumping into some deep middle ages with banners and ranged horse battles to dare dealing with it, say, again. The churches of Alexandria and Antiochia do become independent after quarrel with Byzance on the nature of the Christ (only human, only god, both god and human) and give birth to two new churches.

It’s that I meet only one in my life, beside of my father and that one is a Russian monk. Shooting around for marriages in pure cowboy manners and coming from Caucase. “ “ It’s true that a priest said once that it was of no need to quarrel over theological questions anymore, as this had been at the origin of many wars (Istanbul) and that it was better to leave things as they were, which did not look excessively convincing to my mind. Most schisms (separations of churches) do appear along with dogmatic quarrel.

Spaniards, who have managed to civilize some Visigoths this way, accept Byzance’s recriminations, and do not further the filioque as dogma.

(In short you may say, that Aryanism imposes law (father) as only truth, without consideration of the singular (son).

“While staying at Wadi Kelt near Jericho, I see a Russian monk who is there for visit, spend his time watching the birds in front with some glasses. I ask to father Antonio, as he was laying down on the floor with his glasses on his nose.

‘He’s watching birds,’ he answers, ‘there are many beautiful one’s in the whereabouts, because there is water.’ How peculiar, I think, like my father.

Fished a little after by a fisherman, it is brought back to him as a present.

The King understands this as a sign that his fate is decided and surrenders to Micro Asian conquerors without a battle.) The only thing that warrants peace and fortune seems to be reason in itself.(Which will be given as example for the rest of the explanation.) Filioque, meaning in latin, ‘and from the son’ is a dogma appearing around the 4th century, not as much as dogma but as argument to fight against ‘arianism’.Arianism is a heresy which strangely will never become church, and which consists in believing that the Christ was not of devine nature but just human.This tradition goes as far as Herodotus: he reports that Egyptian would refuse further alliance with the King of one of the richest Greek islands, because, they say, his fortune gets out of the common measure and will certainly be punished by destiny, and it is never good to have an ally who will certainly fall in disgrace in time.(While trying to get rid of his destiny, the King throws his most expensive ring into the Sea.Our support team are very busy and we get asked the same questions on a daily basis, we ask that you read though our comments section before you send us an email.

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