C14 dating fossiles

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The researchers seem to be associated with Catholic creationist groups, which have reported the conference earlier and more vocally than evangelical creationists.

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Editor, Roberto de Mattei, Edizioni, Cantagalli s.r.l.

Regarding why there were no questions on the You Tube presentation – the hotel conference projectionist stopped taping without our knowledge.

There was one question or rather a statement which was then responded to by Dr. A geology professor from Germany seemed to have some doubts about the data and suggested it was most unusual.

This was a joint event of the American Geophysical Union (AGU) and the Asia Oceania Geosciences Society (AOGS).

It appears that the researchers approached the matter with considerable professionalism, including taking great pains to eliminate contamination with modern carbon as a source of the C signal in the bones.

I am a consulting field and lab chemist with several decades of lab and field research. Regarding a request for a technical paper on this blog here is what can be considered the major peer reviewed one, in Italy from 2009 and so published in Italy and Germany along with other conference papers 2009 at a conference held at the National Research Council of Italy with coauthors in nuclear and geophysics.

I learned the basics during 18 years with Battelle Mem. When a conference abstract or paper does manage to slip through main stream science filters, damage control sets in as was done by the AOGS in Singapore.

I asked why when I learned after returning from Singapore that our abstract had been deleted and received an explanation several weeks later: “There is obviously an error in these data.

The abstract was apparently not reviewed properly and was accepted in error.

This is an exciting time to be a creationist, both getting this sort of information, and being able to pass it on. Yet the widely documented evidence of preserved biomolecules in dinosaur bones and other presumably ancient fossils strongly suggests that C-14 should be present as well.

So it’s more important than ever to be not just subscribing to but actively supporting reputable, non-sensationalistic creation organizations committed to this important task. If scientists don’t like the conclusions of the presenters, they should make a case that the underlying data is faulty, instead of censoring it outright.

Of course the people you know will generally not get to hear this powerful information from regular sources. Typically symposia have a smaller number of oral presentation slots. Again, the criteria is usually for newer, and sometimes more controversial presentations. There is no guarantee of publication, but if his paper does shed light on contamination issues, then it may get published.