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Earlier this month, Murray was at a Chicago Cubs game when two spectators - Robbie Schloss and his wife Kirsten - asked for the star's help in notifying their parents that they are expecting their first child in April. Robbie posted a video on his Instagram page which began by showing him and his wife before quickly panning to Murray.'Hey, I got news for you ...

Now, the electric car-maker has revealed the first of its solar and storage projects in Puerto Rico is underway, beginning with a children’s hospital in San Juan.

It could be another four months before power is fully restored in Puerto Rico in the wake of Hurricane Maria, leaving some residents of the island to turn to solar power alternatives.

Patty Coffey, the deputy district engineer for the Army Corps of Engineers, told The Tennessean full power is expected by the end of May.

This first look reveals the company has provided enough solar panels to cover nearly an entire parking lot, along with large energy storage units: 'The Tesla team has done this for many smaller islands around the world, but there is no scalability limit, so it can be done for Puerto Rico too.' Puerto Rico Governor Ricardo Rosello joined the conversation, too, tweeting to Musk: 'Let's talk.

Do you want to show the world the power and scalability of your #Tesla Technologies?

The battery is being built at a wind farm operated by France's Neoen that is located about 225 km (141 miles) from the South Australian capital of Adelaide and will supply power to the lithium-ion storage cells.

Last year's state-wide blackout was blamed by opponents of renewable energy on the state's rush to embrace wind and solar, and fuelled a backlash that has split Australia's conservative federal government and led to renewed calls to support coal-fired power.

Alex Uriarte, CEO of New Energy, a company that sells and installs battery systems for solar panels, said his company has seen an increase in sales since the storm.

Before Maria, New Energy sold about five batteries per month. "Before Maria, nobody wanted to buy storage because it was too expensive," Uriarte told Public Radio International. It's not an issue now of saving money, it's just an issue of having electricity." Rosa López and José Quiñones already had solar panels on their rental home before they lost power.

The move is a step toward building solar-powered ‘microgrids’ throughout the island, which would work independently of the main grid to allow for faster recovery in the wake of future crises.

The electric car-maker has revealed the first of its solar and storage projects in Puerto Rico is underway, beginning with a children’s hospital in San Juan.

PR could be that flagship project.'Musk then responded: 'I would be happy to talk.

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