10 dating ideas for married couples

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10 dating ideas for married couples - compare costs of dating websites

You can read up on the artists and see if they are of interest to you. Give each other long, slow massages as you let go of all the hats you wear — Mom, Dad, husband, wife, employee, soccer coach, etc., and be just one thing for two hours: Two adults in love. Try a comedy club Comedy clubs oftentimes go unnoticed by couples.

So grab your husband and your cube, stash the kids with a sitter and head to your local latte joint and start quizzing each other!Here are my top 10 two-hour dates for husbands and wives: 1.Attend an art museum or art gallery opening It’s true that beauty is in the eye of the beholder.Of course initially I said, “AWW babe that is so sweet but I am so tired and just want to get under the covers.” To which he replied, “I promise you will get under the covers after some nice glasses of wine.” And well WINE convinced me and the fact that the last time my husband and I went out on a date that didn’t include either toting a diaper bag and a cooler full of baby food, or sharing a vat of popcorn with my tween, was probably when we were deep in our courtship phase; a.k.a., before the kids came along.It’s not that I don’t love the fruit of my loins with every last bit of my heart — but the truth is, I guess I needed a PUSH from him to get in some adult only time where no one will be tugging on my sleeve that they’re tired and bored.At art openings, they usually have appetizers and wine — sometimes champagne — and it’s free!

And since galleries and museums tend to be in interesting parts of town, it will give you the opportunity to expand your horizons as a couple, get to know your city a little better and perhaps find a great new restaurant or club. Find a place to send the kids, buy some champagne, get some sexy lingerie, aromatherapy candles, draw a bubble bath and be a giggly, newly in-love, uninhibited couple again.

Is it your similarities or your differences that attract you to each other? Have obstacles brought you closer together or divided you? You’ll have an opportunity to explore together the things that make you unique as individuals and the things that bond you as a couple and learn about each other all over again. Enjoy some stargazing Imagine sitting underneath the broad sky, gazing at your favorite constellations and your mate.

According to Mary Boisselle, founder of Ace of Dates, where subscribers can get fabulous planned-out dates, that’s the perfect date.

It really is a fun, very connected/intimate experience. Take a flying lesson How about going to a local airport and taking introductory flying lessons?

Through a national learn-to-fly program called Let’s Go Flying, sponsored by the nonprofit Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association, flight schools across the country are offering introductory flights starting at around .

During the flight, couples could each take a lesson and take their turn at flying the plane.

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